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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bits and Bobs

Rock Lords Bags

Anyone remember Rock Lords? I think they were a spinoff of ... hang on, there's no excuse for not looking it up, is there? I'll look it up. Go-Bots, that's right. They were a Go-Bots spinoff. Anyone remember Go-Bots?

Here are some Rock Lords. I had the minty-green one and the grey one on the right. As you can see, they were Transformers who turned into really unconvincing stones. Rocks, sorry, rocks. There was a little gold nugget one as well, who was the coolest. Not pictured though, which is a bit of a snub.

Anyway, I've not found any of these. Sorry for building up what must have been quite an uncontrollable level of excitement or something. Instead, I found two of these badboys:

See what they did? I'll explain. What it is, is that a boulder is a large rock, you see, so when they say 'Robots that are Bolder', you have to look beyond the seemingly incomplete... oh you got it the first time and it wasn't that good? You should have just said.

So what I'm thinking here is that there are a whole tonne of semi-ironic geek chic kids out there who should go wild for this stuff. You can picture them, no? Yeah you can, I'm not going to generalize. What I've started to worry about recently though, is that kids these days don't have the heritage that those of my generation do. Try turning up at a fancy dress party full of people in their mid-20s dressed as Zangief. Blank. Looks. Still though, the whole of Ebay is a much larger sample size than a room full of culturally bereft halloweenies. The bags themselves are all bagged up in their own bags (infinite regress? I've not looked inside but yes, it's possible that the Rock Lords bag contains its own smaller bag...et cetera).

Bought these for £5 a pop, so not risk-free, but...shit...do kids even wear satchels any more? Is that a satchel? It's like an awful backpack.

Inlaid Soapstone Box

This is bread and butter. Saw it in a charity shop for £2.99, sold it for £3.99. Can't argue. Makes me feel like a professional. I think that describing it as 'lovely' on the Ebay description may have added that all important quid. Folks will presumably have been looking at it, studying the pictures, and thought 'well...I'd stretch to around the four quid mark, but only if it's lovely. I can't really tell from the pictures but...oh wait, it does confirm here at the top that it is definitely lovely. I'm in.'

To further convince dubious punters as to its loveliness, I gave it a polish with vegetable oil and photographed it on a tea towel. I'm a grubby sod at times.

Moonraker Trading Card Set

Say you were really into Bond, and collected Bond memorabilia, and Moonraker was your favourite film (you're one of those Moore-lovers, of a certain age), would you buy this? Would you spend more than £10 on it? God, I hope so. Ebay's not so sure. It's one of those things that you find, snap up, and then take home and show to Ebay, and Ebay's like 'yeah nice, should make a quid or two on that. Hope you didn't spend more than a fiver on it, mind'. Go on, I'll throw in the natty plastic box as well (I probably won't).

It's a full set, with all of the stickers, following Bond through one of his more outlandish shag-quests. All of the cards are in what speccy gnome-nuts cardophiles such as myself would describe as MT-NMT, which means 'mint or near-mint', which means they're in cracking nick. That's not bad, considering that they're about 35 years old.

There he is, look. Bond! He's going to shoot you if you're not careful. Plus, he's kept his left hand free. That's his catching hand, and he's going to catch your pants if they unexpectedly fly off. Bang bang. He's thinking of a quip, by the looks of it, so let's leave him to it.

Uh oh! We shouldn't have taken our eyes off him; he's in a scrape. 'A TIGHT SPOT FOR BOND', it seems. That's not the only tight spot...oh dear. Sorry. Well, even without his planned perm and set, it looks as though that guy at the back is going to get seen off, and then the poor woman next to him is going to get seen to. I wonder how many children (sons I mean, his sperm all have raised eyebrows and little guns. There's no way a character like 007 would ever be allowed to father a daughter apart from in the most gloriously obstinate fan-fiction) he's left littered around the world.
Anyway, we'll see about these. There may be a couple of cards in the set which are more valuable than others, in which case it might make sense to send them off to be quality-graded so that their value is... man, I'm sending myself to sleep. Anyway, more on that sort of thing in the next update, when hopefully we'll have a make-or break on those intractable bloody cigarette cards.


  1. One's up on Ebay here: http://cgi5.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll

    But the other one's been held back. Make me an offer.

    1. I think you should keep it. Rock the Rock Lord look.

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